so my l33t skills didn’t work out today. I totally screwed up my servers. well not really. I am not on my new servers yet. I had to leave my old server in colo - which costs me a lot more money, and I had to use the switch- so I wasn’t able to return it. it sucks. I am pretty pissed/upset. mostly cuz I wasn’t able to pull it off. I mean. I didn’t really prepare as well as I should have. but wahtever.

on a different note - I did install a firewall and a new webserver in my colo. so I will begin to migrate web and shit to the new servers. it should be done in a couple days. that is really cool. is sooo fast. hehe.

i have been on my feet for 6 hours and am really tired. I need a hug/nap/back massage/punch/rc car race.