today everything I am wearing is either grey or black. even my underwear and socks. it is kinds funny. I didn’t mrean to and I didn’t really think about it until I was on the train. but yea. everything is grey. hah.

it is still sad out today. the weather is nice though. the sun. however it is cold. it is kinda how I feel right now.

last night morgan sent me an email that really made me feel better. of course I didn’t get it until this morning - cuz I broke email again. haha. but I fixed it. but yea. it is funny how little words can make or break so much.

i am currently really into listening to “explosions in the sky.” very good. exactly what I need. anything with vocals has the potential of invoking emotions which I don’t really want to share with my work environment.

i really didn’t want to get up today. I enjoyed my super weird dreams and soft blankets.

i think that today my goal is to try and buy a damned bike. I have attempted with failure for the last 2 days. hah. stupid christians and their “holidays.” we all know it is a ploy to sell chocalate and jesus.

one of the things that is interesting about the last couple days. first off - nothing really went how I wanted it. since about wednesday. it all broke. haha. but starting yesterday - they started to patch themselves up. everything. it is like there was a flaw in the world of harper karma - and now it is coming back. sometimes when bad stuff happens it really makes you remember how lucky you are. overall. yea yea yea. ;)