tonight I went and brainstormed with john and hannah for hours. it was mind numbing. afterwards we kidnapped marcia and took her to smokedaddy’s. I had never been there, and I had never really heard of it. however it was quite good. I had a briskett sandwich. it ruled. I got all dirty. I ate so much so fast. sometiems beer and food tastes so damn good. it is pretty funny. we gorged ourselves. then suddenly felt the need to escape. adn we did. I went home and crashed hard around 10:30. it was such a release to just eat and then sleep with no repercusions. leprechauns. I need to listen to pretty music.

this weekend is full of excitingly good bands playing. first on friday is “tv on the radio” and then on saturday pinback and enon at the logan. hte logan ballroom is funny cuz it is accross the street. heh. also on friday is felix at crobar. that will be fun. chris will be back. it will be nice.

i just wrote something and deleted it. I hate that.

i am ready “the world according to garp.” I quite enjoy it. I am listening to the new fantomas disc. I am bord with it. I think I am going to put on the new “why” album I just got. it is nice. like “tv on the radio” hip hop - hehe.

i think it is weird to attempt to avoid reality.

i just put the new “why” album on and it is totally not doing it for me. I need something pretty to sleep to. maybe an explosions in the sky disc. or maybe godspeed. maybe damned astor piazolla. although with more listening I quite enjoy the “why” disc. it is so nice. it is a strange combination of ween like nonsense and slug like lyricism. kinda calm and yet I end up bobbing my head along with it. weird. it is called Oaklandazulasylum btw. wtf kind of name is that?

my parents are coming out pretty soon. it will be nice to see them. I think I am going to new york soon. I need to get out of my world. it will be nice. and then probably to colorado. and then hoepfully to india. and then hopefully dylan will come here in july. and hang out.

periods are the new commas, question marks and any other punctuation I randomly replace with periods.

unicorns are no longer the new black. the new black is once again black. black as the night. black as my once warm heart. haha.

i really think that bush has gone mad. seriously. also. it seems that maybe the media is starting to notice. it is pretty funny really.

i appreciate RSS readers. I like looking at the missed connections. via rss. it makes my “browsing” go a little easier. and a little quicker. so all you bastards that have blogs. update them.