i can’t seem to sleep. I mean. I did take a nap from 10:00-12:00 haha. it wasn’t so much as a nap as much as it was an alcohol enforced sleep. heh. the plan was to have all of our friends meet us at the bar that is really close to my house. it worked very well. we got there around 4:30 and left around 8:00. we had pizza there and bunchs of tequila shots. heh. at 8 or so I accidently got into becca’s car and got ice cream. I then came home and slept for awhile. until I was woken up by crazy drunken jill. it was pretty fun. it is such a nice night out. like 75 degrees. I wish I was camping in the park nearby. wait. no I don’t. I don’t wish that at all.

in my non-sleeping I have been cleaning. I put away and folded my laundry. I ran around and cleaned up my room. I listened to explosions in the sky. sometimes I wish I coudl find the mix between isis and explosions. I think that would be the perfect band. it also might end up being pelican. which reminds me that I need to be reminded to goto the pelican show on may 2nd. with mastodon. it shoudl be good.

be prepared for our new project. it will rock you.

things are good. this week end was ok. a little bit sad. but it was ok. I saw pinback and enon on saturday. which was good. and I enjoyed a wonderful night at crobar on friday. how I love crobar. felix was spinning. as was dave da hustler. it was a fun time. hanging out with cluadia, felix and the likehehe.

check out my new shirt I got. it says geek pride. I am a fan. it is blue. I feel fancy when I wear it. I also got a bunch of american standard poloish shirts. I am excited for they are a lot more comfortable in the summer than the crap I already have. I gotta pick up some nice pants so that I can be business casual and stylin all summer long. whee summer.

i also got a bunch of new yoyos. I think it is funny that a bunch is exactly 4. heh. I got a white hitman, a green speeder, a yellow sparkly night moves 3 and a lyn-fury. I really like the hitman. I am working on a bunch of new grindish tricks. and some good slack/whip stuff. it rules. we have been making lots of videos. I am pretty thrilled about it all. actually.

our juggling yesterday was really fun. we ended up ice skating. hehe.

i am now going to go and pick up around the house ;) haha. wtf. its like 2:30. umm. yea. I will be quick I guess.

btw, I have taken almost 700 shots with my cell phone and posted it to my photolog. all the shots were taken since november. almost 6 months. ;) I rule. hehe. I originally mispelled rule to be rue. I rue. DAMN YOU!!!
umm. yea.