today has been pretty good so far. last night was fun. I went to juggling club. yoyoed a bunch and then went to see the stare play at the mutiny. god I hate the mutiny. but the stare was awesome. so funny. I had never seen matt play guitar before - so it was an educational experience. heh.

i got hiromi a domo-kun. she likes it a lot.

i am starting to make preparations for my trip to india. it is kinda weird. I have to be vaccinated and all that. and I gotta get my visas. it is all so strange. I am getting pretty excited however.

all my work clothes are the same colors. almost. different shades of greys it is funny. monday and tuesday I wore the exact same clothes - just different colors. one day black pants/grey shirt - the next day grey pants/black shirt. both the same.

i somehow screwed up my phone. heh. it just sits here accepting text messages. billions of them. well only about 15. but still. I probably only sent 3.

it is sorta weird out right now. I can’t tell if I am paranoid or not. or if I am just dealing with things weird. I hate it either way. but whatever. I will just have to see how things go.

i like brand nubian a lot.