my arms hurt a lot. I got my vaccinations today for india. it ruled. however. it has destroyed my arm. DESTROYED. well arms really. both are sooo sore. one of them hoever had two shots. that one is very very sore. the word is that I may be going quite a bit sooner than I had originally thought. which is both good and bad. june was going to work out really well. now I guess may will have to work out well. hehe.

i am pretty tired as well. they said that this woudl be a side effect. but seriously.

heh. last night was pretty interesting. we had a marathon meeting on DB design at work. I love that stuff. it is so entertaining. for some reason architecture is so close to my heart. haha. anyway. then cool stuff happened. then I went to the first “chicago bloggers who are interested in tech.” meeting. it was organized by jeff key. it was pretty cool. I enjoyed hanging out and talking about the shit I talk about with everyone. but this time I was able to get a response from like minded people. if only we could get some ladies up in there. haha. I konw it is a longshot. but whatever. it was funny - cuz I am not a .net/asp/windows guy at all and everyone else pretty much was. so I basically just sat and listened and then ranted about cell phones. heh. it ruled.

i just got out of a meeting regarding my trip to india. it looks like I will be leaving on may 7th and returning on the 16th. it shoudl be fun. a lot of working and a weekend. I wish it was longer. but whatever.