so when I was little. skinny puppy was my favorite band. now they are apparently back and touring. I discovered this when I woke up on sunday and had a shiny metal urge to chekc the readers early warning list. much to my amaze - skinny puppy was playing at the vic. so I immediately attempted to secure tickets. no luck. all sold out. in fact I think they were SOLD OUT. like in caps. pixies style. I was really sad. this is the only band that I haven’t seen from my childhood. first it was janes addiction - saw them in 2001(good stuff - sorry pam ;)). then pixies - hopefully seeing them soon. and now skinny puppy is coming. but it was sold out. so I immediately found matiss and we figured out how much we would pay to see our favorite of favorites. I searched and found some dude who was offering them for 100. I was like.. hell no… so I looked at a ticket broker and finally found some. totally more than I would like to spend. but whatever. I NEED to see them. hahah. I am really excited. whee.