tonight I saw einstuzende neubauten. I am tired. it was good. I hung out with cole and my friend kelly who bartends at metro. it was pretty fun. cole and I haven’t hung out in a long couple months. I missed him. it was nice to get back into the swing of things. fot the most part I feel pretty weird right now. I wish I didn’t feel that way. I am totally missing morgan. which is kinda lame. I mean - it makes sense. but whatever. I jus thate this whole thing. it shoudl be easy by now. but NOOOO.. had to be long and drawn out. I think I miss the companionship and bantor. but that is gunna be hard to regain without being confused. hopefully it will happen soon. I have no doubt that we can figure it out. I am slo weirded out about saving money. I am SOO bad at it. I hate it.

stupid feelings.

hopefully tomorrow will be good as well.

i will sleep well. I know it