today I went downtown and picked up voltage converter and some clothes. everyone has been telling me to go and get light colored clothing so that I don’t A) burn up and B) get attacked by bugs. apparently there are a lot of bugs. I am not a fan of disease so I guess I will head their suggestions. stupid disease. so I got some clothes. mostly brown pants and nice blue and white shirts. haha. I went to h and m and they were rather busy. there was s huge line for the dressing room. I hate lines like that. mostly because it seemed to occupied by people whom I woudl HATE to be in line with. haha. versus all the lines I like which are obviously occupied with people I WANT to be in line with. wtf. yea nobody knows.

i think it is weird that skinny puppy is touring again.

i feel a little better today. I really wonder if the weather is effecting my mood. I mean. it obviously is. cuz the weather is dreary and I am dreary. I listened to a bunch of death metal while I was downtown. that ruled. I wished the whole tiem I was walking around with a huge “ghettoblaster” and listening to the same music. it is the same daydream that involved me and a seven series bmw - listening to maiden. ahh. I love that dream.

i am getting pretty excited. I have to get my malaria medicine and bug spray. I think that is about it. oh and all sorts of misc stuff I keep forgetting about.

the new dead prez album is quite good. I think it is interesting how violent it is. someday I will see isis.

someday summer will be here too.

wtf. everyone is all “yea I will goto mean girls..” and then they don’t go. seriously.