tonight I am going to dinner with morgan. it is kinda weird. I haven’t seen her since we broke up. I am a bit apprenhensive - not really about seeing her. just about the whole situation. it is kinda scary. haha. I am glad, however that it is scary by design and not scary or uncomfortable because I happened to run in to her randomly. we have been talking on email - so it shoudln’t be too uncomfortable. I guess I just worry about what happens when life moves on - but my inside(heart/brain - etc) doesn’t. yea know. it could be weird/hurtful. I doubt it. but I am often the pessimist in regards to this kinda stuff. stupid this kinda stuff. umm. whatever. ;) I really don’t know what I feel at this point - so it should be interesting ;)

i need to do laundry. that I what I feel. hah.

last nigth was pretty fun. I went tot rainbo with claudia and her friends, went to spybar to see jeffrey, then went to neo with jeffrey and his friend and finally made it to crobar. crobar was INSANE as usual. I hung out with claudia’s friends. they were dope. really funny. apparently I am supposed to buy then all stuff from india. hah. weird. I had a good time. I got home real late (but not that late) and slept like a bunny.