tonight was good. I hung out with morgan a bunch. it was pretty weird. honestly. very strange. but it was also great. it is pretty strange - cuz we didn’t break up with an absolute reason. it just didn’t work out. so. are feelings are pretty much intact. just 3.5 weeks detatched. so yea. it was relaly great to see her and hang out. she hasn’t changed in the couple weeks. no missing arms. haha. whatever. it ruled. we had a good time. we went to get food (which I ate non of - I was nervous) and we got coffee. then we went to rodan to get drinks. we hung out until it was dangerous to hang out any more. so we left.

it was relaly hard to leave. as it always is. when I was walking away. I looked back and saw she was looking back at me too. that was kinda hard. so I shook my fist at her. ;) I rued the day. hahah. just kidding or I guess this is the internet so j/k. I am kidding. becase it was nice to see that she felt the same. or felt the same need to look back. that is of dreams. haha.

yea. I am a lot more emotional or upset about this - then I will admit(but I will blog it?? wtf?). it is just so weird to have feelings going both ways. because no matter which way you choose - it hurts. and we choose the safe way. but it is still hard. and I hate it when it is hard. but it is safe. and I like safety. but safety is sometimes really dumb. not like the other option is smart. just that both are hard.

it was amazing though. how thoroughly we are able to be close - even with distance. I really missed her. which makes getting back to hanging out soooo nice. I am excited once again for what the future holds. which is strangely saying that I was once not excited. I am ALWAYS excited for what the future holds.

i like holding hands. haha. (totally helping). ;)

microphones however. are helping.

this week will be crazy. I have to get all ready fo india
morgan says I shoudl get a phrase book - but I don’t know where to get a phrase book at. I think I shoudl get a lot of money. but I also don’t know where that is at either. someday.

today turned out t obe really good. I was quite apprehensive at the start. and in the end. it worked out very well. I am not disappointed.

mike is coming soon. I am excited. but I am also out of town. sad sad day. ;) he gets here thursday afternoon. so thursday night - the night before my 24hour flight. I will be engaging in a small amount of debachery. I am happy abotu that.

for those that are important: justice will be served. I promise.