i listened to cat power on the way to work. man. that music is sad. hah. I think one of my favorite songs by her is “good women.” hmm. kinda sad. ;)

last night was pretty fun. I went and saw black print at the double door, then I went and I hung out with severn and val at danny’s. it was fun to hang out with them. I realized while walking to danny’s by myself - that I really shoudln’t just hang out with my room. unlike some of my friends, I get a lot of power from hanging out wiht people. it makes me go. heh. and the last couple days I have hung out with my room, my rommmates and morgan. all of which has been good. but I haven’t really hung out with my friends. so last night. I did that and it ruled. heh. so anyway.. after I hung out at danny’s I went to the big horse (ugh) and saw matt and erica’s band play. they were really good. it was pretty cool. I hope they get some good gigs. I would like to see them at a legit venue (rather than the big horse). hah. then I somehow managed to goto club foot, and then somehow I managed to make it to the hollywood grill. seriously. wtf. I have no idea how I can do that (the food heh). but yea.

i end up waiting for emails far too often. I hate that.

i need to pack. right now everything is grouped appropriately. however it isn’t packed right. I need to make sure I have everything. I am scared about that. I imagine it will work out. unless I forget my passport in frankfurt or something. hah.

mike and nic are coming over tonight. they are flying currently. it will be really nice to see them. if only for the couple hours.

work ho..