so I can now make international calls to everyone. if you want to prank me - dial 9880281475. hah. umm yea. or something like that. I will try and set up an sms gateway so you can leave me messages. or I won’t whatever.

i will post pictures soon. I promise.

now I need food. it is lunch time. which is weird I know - since I am posting this at 2:15 am. ;)

last night guru took me around to MG road (which is a lot like manhatten - weird) and we just hung out. I got my prepaid card and we ate some food. I also found some bottled water (w00t) and then had some beers. the bar was really fun. it was a ROCK bar and had pictures of rockers all around. I sat under a picture of frank zappa. it ruled. I shoudl have taken a picture. then we took a cab home and I went to bed. I woke up and discovered that there isn’t hot water. nor a shower curtain. so I lathered myself up and sprayed freezing water at myself. I taste like soap still. so cold.. I then ate an incredible breakfast. it was good. dosas with coconut chutney… mmm… and then went to work. I inadvertently found out how to dial internationally and called alan and morgan. it was nice to talk to people I know. it is weird. I find myself struggling with a bit of culture shock. yesterday all I wanted was a sandwich. so I had one. today I just wanted to say hi to someone I knew. tomorrow I will probably want to get drunk and wrestle. yea know. the drill.

i woudl probably like to come back.

work is going well. it is nice cuz everyone here is all about getting work done - whereas in chicago - it is all about designing which is soo much more beurocratic(spelled horribly I am sure). the difference is very apparent when we have 1 one hour meeting that has results - versus a billion 2 hour meetings that spawn that 1 one hour meeting. I guess both are necessary - it is just amazing to see how fast everything gets done when the hard parts(design/content stuff) are already done. hehe. I guess I am saying I like the easy part. how lame am i. haha. suckers. I am in india. hahah.

ok I better go before I hurt myself.