so I finally put the pictures up and here is the “annotated” guide to my photos. there are a bunch that I didn’t include. check them out here. I am not done. so I will be adding or modifying this entry soon. haha. word.

so on sunday we drove from delhi to agra. on the way I saw a snake charmer and a picture of a guy with a crazy mustache. here is me in front of the taj mahal. the taj mahal was incredible. I am pretty sure that this is the guest house. the marble work was insane. seriously. you have no idea. apparently this is a famous place to take a picture.

after we saw the taj we went to the red fort. it was also pretty crazy and intricate. from here you can see the taj pretty good. apparently the guy that made the taj was banished to the red fort and was made to look on to his creation until he died. this is his fountain and this is his bedroom. it was a nice bedroom. the work in the red stone is very intricate. it is also insane. here is one of my guides and i.

on the way back from agra to delhi I noticed a trend that I had never seen before. apaprently they buy the chassis of the truck separate from the truck and take it to another place to add the body. I think that this is a mosque.

in delhi I saw this amazing Bah?’? Temple. it was so spectacular at night. here is one of the auto-rickshaws that are everywhere. and as per usual I had to get on the plane while it was parked on the tarmack. this has happened in frankfurt, delhi and bangalore. hehe. it is pretty awesome though.

so I flew to bangalore - which is an incredible city. as I flew in I could tell that it was a nice climate and that I would like it. since the elections are in full swing, they have election signs up all over. also a lot of technology signs and a lot of construction. all the construction apparently ends up looking like this but starts out looking like this. here is the unicorn house. and of course the nike factory store. there are a ton of brightly painted trucks everywhere. some of the advertisments really crack me up. this is apparently a free hospital. it looks pretty cool and is only about 5 years old. this is itpl where I have been working for the past couple days. on the first night my friends took me to MG road which has bunches of stores and such. I took this picture for my more askew friends. the guest house where I stayed is really nice. it has a pool. my friends guru and siddu took me around a bunch - as has suresh. suresh took me to a club where I hung out with some of his friends.

so that is it so far. I plan to get a bunch more pictures in the next couple days of chruchs, temples and my friends. hoepfully I will see some good stuff. like I said before. I practice the rules of lomography (even though I am digital) so some of the pictures may be lame ;). but whatever.