last night my friends and I went to this pretty nice resturant and had excellent food and free beer. the night was advertised as “unlimited intoxication” - which seemeingly is a misnomer. what does misnomer mean? so we hung out there and I had excellent tandori chicken kabobs and lotsa fish. it all ruled oh so much. good good food. then suresh and I went to a club called spin. apparently there is only about 50 things globally that you are allowed to call a club. and spin is obviously one of them. so we went to spin and hung out with some of suresh’s friends. they were very nice. it was nice to talk to none software young people - who were progressive(by progressive I mean interested in moving forward - not necessarily interested in becoming western(which way is forward - I have no idea)). they were almost all professionals - one was an architect and one was a student. the other one worked for an NGO which dealt with education reform of the slum children. hah. but yea. it was neat to talk to them. it was also very comfortable to be in a club. <3 clubs. I am lame.

so then I came home and uplaoded my pictures to my computer and then slept. I was able to sleep in a little which was nice.

one funny thing that happened is my driver came and picked me up at 9:15 yesterday - however my guest house guy thought the driver was supposed to pick me up at 8:30. so the driver is now getting into trouble. hah. I had to clear it up. also. just now a man came with a coke on a platter. for me. rule. <3 coke. ;)

the club last night played pretty good music. it was for the most part old, but some of it was nice. a lot of house(of course) and a lot of indianish house stuff. which ruled. I am hopefully going to be picking up some music this weekend. I want some rock and some dance stuff - and then a couple of the bollywood remix cds. hah.

rule. hey yall. thanks for all the messages. ;) and I am starting to ignore the smell of mothballs which pervades my room in the guesthouse.

hopefully I will be posting pictures soon. I will link to them here.