so last night vinay and myself hung around bangalore and went to different catholic churches. I met his wife and his mother and we just chilled out. it was nice and relaxing. I was in bed by 10 and asleep by 10:15. hah.

the churches were pretty cool. they are all very majestic and quite something. it was as I expected - a mix of indian and western stylings. vinay’s favorite was the best one. it was where he got married and was the most colorful. a lot of jesus.

today at work there is a lot of games and such. it is pretty cool to see.

more blog later prolly.

i think I am going ot go clubbing again tonight. an dthen look at temples and such tomorrow. I did end up going shopping last night which was pretty fun. a lot of nice fashionable clothes for 500 or so rupies(about 10-12 dollars). rule. ok I am out. like an eye.

isn’t this weird??

here is a scary set of statistics: domains from the .mil tld downloaded a total of 13266 files from accounting for 3.39% of the total files served. they downloaded a total of 5558mb of files, 6.28% of the total files served. this is pretty crazy. especially when it is only the stats for 2.5 days in may (12, 13th and partially the 14th). I wonder what lists I am on ?