Ok Ok. so I have been reading Anna Karenina. It is amazing. seriously - possibly one of the better books I have ever read. I am fascinated with how thorough Tolstoy covers the story. and how the story seemingly covers everything. it is soo good. I love the feeling of want that is associated with reading a good book.. right now I feel that the only thing that could satisfy my want is to go home and read that book - or write a web app to do fancy things with itunes. heh. hmm. I will probably read. but only because I am tired. but I have a really good idea. I should do it.

last night hiromi and I watched one day in september. it is about the palestinian terrorist organization black september’s attack on the isreali 1972 olympic team. it was quite a good documentary. afterwards, while thinking about the movie - I thought of some things that I have been struggling with for the past couple weeks. first: why do we allow terrorism to work? and how do we react to disallow terrorism to effect us? and second: if I was so pushed, would I participate in a terror movement.

to address the first consideration - it seems to me that terrorism wouldn’t work if we didn’t give into the fear. if we didn’t give into the mob ideals of retribution and what not. in reagards to september 11th - what if we would have rebuilt the WTC bigger and better and not gone to war? I keep wondering how things would be different if we would have looked to the historics of isreal, the general middle east or N. Ireland for our reaction - rather than just blanketly attacked terrorism. after watching the “one day in sept.” movie and seeing how the german government was not prepared for such a security violation - which in turn created a situation that allowed the terrorists to actually “win” and get their message out. what would have been a better way for the germans to react? should they have stormed in and just destroyed the terrorists with the potential for killing the hostages? I have no idea.

now the second thought is scarier. I guess I thought about this - cuz the palestinian guy was explaining how he had lived in refugee camps and all this horrible stuff and the terror organizations gave him hope and food. I thought “what if that was me” and it was somethign I believed in. like what if some larger country attempted to occupy the US - would I be a freedom fighter and attempt to destroy the moral of the enemy through terror and fear? I guess I probably would. but it is all so foreign to me. I mean. I think I woudl attempt to protect the U.S. however I could. “protect freedom” but I don’t think I could join the army and BLINDLY fight for truth. it woudl have to be more guerrilla. I think that scares me. I have no idea what I am talking about. I feel as though I am writing sentences with out regard for the previous sentence.

cat power is sad

so I updated some of my india pictures. particularly - I added some from when suresh, myself and some of his friends went to cosmo village. I also added some pictures of what was in my back yard. it ruled. here i am. this cart had HUGE wheels. it cracked me up. here is a picture of JP, the driver. he rules so much. somewhere I found this poster which is about “india’s first all girl rock band.” heh. wtf. here is one of the last pictures I took in india. it is vinay, his family, guru and myself. after we ate at this really crazy nice afghan place. I felt dirty - being american there. haha. whatever

i need to go home. it is almost 5:30. I have been here since 8:30. wtf. need. to. go. home.