recently apple released a pretty good COM sdk for its itunes program. my friend ajc created some sample code that would post whatever song you are listening to currently to a webpage. I found this pretty cool. and quite handy. so I implement my own version and BAM. if you notice at the bottom of my page (below the links) I have a listing of the most recent 5 songs I have listened to.

the next step is to create a flash app to display the songs for myspace. that should rule.

then create an actual application rather than a console app. something that sits in the taskbar icons and chills out. maybe with some slick config - and some other tricks. it could be really cool.
w00t. nice work andy.

really all this is going to do is show everyone that I only listen to like ten artists. haha. umm. yea. ;)

btw. this was my first foray into c# and it is pretty dope. I really like it and will probably spend some more time checking it out. heh. stupid programming. always filling my brain with thoughts.