hehe. this weekend was an incredible experiment in what I can take - mostly in regards to sleep deprevation - but also in regards to alcohol poisoning. which is really something I am not exactly proud of - but it was a lot of fun. so it all started on thrusday. me and some friends went to a smartbar party - and then to crobar. I had to try out my new “drop my name and you can get into crobar for free” trick (seriously - on thursdays just say your there to see harper reed - it should work). the tricked worked. and crobar was pretty dope. most of my friends make fun of me about it. but seriously. it is fun sometimes. <3. haha.
so anyway. after crobar I of course went to bed. and ROCKED work the next day. we had a couple relaly important meetings and I ruled them. basically we had to make all of these HUGE changes and they are crazy and confusing. I also worked on my secret work project - which also rules. it is using c# to make some fancy XML conversion stuff. it is only a secret because I don’t talk about it to anyone. it isn’t like a real secret - which is too bad. I wish it was. I love secrets. so after work on friday - hilary and myself went to hard rock and had a beer. then we went to innjoy and saw a friend of mines art opening. it was pretty good. we got there really early so we just hung out and ate some food. after that we went to our homes and napped.

then the party started. hilary and I met up around 11 and went to smartbar and waited for the stills to get over so we coudl hook up wth greg and co. we found greg and then went and got amjad. amjad was with george - which was really cool. cuz I totally miss seeing george. but we picked them up and made it to johnny love’s party. which was packed with techno djs. johnny love is so funny. apparently there was some “confusion” and he got busted by the ladies. haha. rule. after johnny we went to crobar - and matt made us a couple mind erasers. it sorta worked. they were insane. like a race. we helled about and looked for claudia - to no avail. so we went back to johnnys party and hung out with cops. after that we walked to lazlos and ate food. until 6. then I walked home. it ruled.

so I woke up early on saturday and got lunch with morgan. then I got all fancied up and ready and went to a party with ayca. after the party we went to liars club - met amjad and micah (and their bodyguards wtf) and then went to y bar to see hiroki. then we went to spybar. and that is where my night ended. I played hardcore until I coudln’t see any longer and then I treked my way home. barely making it. hah. it was funny. I woke up the next day with wax all over my clothes, bruises and numerous text messages wondering where I had disappeared to.

so then on sunday - I hung out with matiss and matt - we went and saw “day after tomorrow” - it had the worst plot ever - but had incredible computer effects. really cool looking. the “destroy LA” scene was awesome. then we came back and matiss and I went to an awesome bbq at our friend jills house. her and her husband are chefs - so the food was awesome. awesome. seriously. then courtney came over and hung out. it was nice to see her. I hadn’t seen her really in quite awhile. so courtney and I went to see my friend jordan at some resturant called enya. it was nice. we just chilled. then I came home.

then today. I went to a couple bbqs. I also inadvertently ditched ayca. which I didn’t really mean to do. it just happened. sad day. and then I went home. and then now happened.

it is weird. I am excited to goto work tomorrow. a lot of things are going on - and I am really excited to play with c# and make this application. it rules. <3 programming sometimes.

rigth now I am tired. and my mind is stuck in a weird place. like when you have a song in your head for awhile. and you finally listen to it and it is better. but the song in my head is anna karenina - and I lost my book in black out katies car. so I have to get it back so I can get her out of my head. the world is crazy apparently.

what to read next. I think I am going to try gravity’s rainbow again.