i just got home from work and hung out. chilled with rachel. got quiznos - which is near my house(weird. it just appeared). yea know the usual. I think rachel is gunna give me this old bike of hears. I will prolly paint penises all over it and call it the “cock rocket” - umm… I mean.. yea…
so after I hung out with rachel - I took a nap. I had meant to goto starsky and hutch - which is playing at the logan - but I accidently slept until 9:30. doh. so I walked to lula and got salmon. mmm <3 salmon.

check out this hilarious conversation I had today with some random person. haha.

sylvanrage: you still in chicago?
linuXKilla: of course
sylvanrage: I'm gonna be up there in 2-3 weeks
sylvanrage: can I have your phone #
sylvanrage: and
sylvanrage: Do you wanna make out?
linuXKilla: who are you
sylvanrage: aren't you morgan?
linuXKilla: hahahaha
linuXKilla: omg
sylvanrage: so you aren't morgan thorac?
linuXKilla: nope
sylvanrage: or however that is spelled
sylvanrage: do you know her
linuXKilla: however.
linuXKilla: I am friends with her
sylvanrage: well
sylvanrage: she usually has hot friends
sylvanrage: so I'm sure I'd be happy to make out with you too

HOW MY LIFE RULES. haha. I was like. wtf. then it was very funny. I don’t really know how to react to that. other than laugh. I sent it to all my friends. haha. morgan was like “TELL HIM I MOVED OR DIED.” hehe. rule.

hiromi works now. as does matt and matiss. so once again I have from 6 until around 10 to hang out with myself. which is awesome. I get SOOOO bored. heh. so I usually sleep. now I remember how I started taking naps. I guess I need to gather some friends - even though I apparently have some - I can’t seem to find any from 6-9.

ok I guess I should goto bed. work is sucking lately. it was awesome. then suckage. stupid people who are not in aggrement with me. haha. well whatever. I will fight the “good” battle and probably lose. but its cool.

i will post a surprise later tomorrow night. it will rule. you will smile.