This weekend was pretty nice. I just hung out. watched movies. went to a bbq on saturday at my friend cole’s house. it was fun. met some cool cats. after the bbq I went with elaine to crobar. (of course. jordan met us and we hung out with red hair matt - who seems to scare everyone who seems that picture. hah. it was fun.

i also posted pictures from memorial day and a random sushi wabi visit with hiromi and her friend. Hiromi now works at sushi wabi. which is cool. but with her working - I spend a lot more time alone. sad.

the last couple days I have worn some of the clothes I got from india. today it is this nice “work” shirt that is apparently “not my style.” and then yesterday I was wearing a shirt that I modified to appear as “straight” as possible. it totally worked. (i removed the sleeves and the collar - I rule).

i am now suppose to cold call this girl and ask her out. I am scared. I hate pressure like this. but whatever. I shoudl do it. what do I have to lose. maybe my arms and legs - when trip while on the phone on to the path of that bus.

i have drastically rearranged my pictures. I hope not too many links were broken.

someday.. my punk little brother will give me pictures of his hoody usage. and I will win. the prize.