last night hiromi and I went to go see the movie called supersize me. It was made by some guy named Morgan Spurlock. he ate mcdonalds everyday for one month. it totally destroyed him. heh. he was broken. it scared me. are country is so broken. we are going down the drain. sad day.

rachel gave me a bike. it rules. I am pretty happy with it. it seems to be a nice bike - other than the weird candy cane paint job. I think I am gunna paint it black and make the sides say dumb things. that will be cool. of course. haha. I need to tune it up. I can’t decide what to do first. I shoudl probably paint it first and tune it up second. haha. umm. yea. I keep dreamign about popping wheelies and doing tricks. haha. I am lame. and by lame I mean incredible.

i broke down yesterday and purchased another copy of Anna Karenina. I gave up on attempting to find my old copy. mostly cuz I really want to just finish it. what this really means - is that matt and katie will bring me my copy tonight. haha. apparently oprah has decided to promote the translation I am reading. I really don’t know how I feel about that. I guess it is good. but I feel like a dork carrying an oprah book around on the train, whereas before I felt like a badass. so yea. I guess I gotta finish it and move on to some light reading: gravity’s rainbow. hehe.


here are some pictures that morgan is posting