so yesterday at work we watched the movie it was pretty good. a quite sad story really. it made me want to be involved in a startup again. haha. I say agan like I was involved in one during the .com wars. I am a liar. I wasn’t. in fact I don’t even have arms. after the movie I secured myself an imac that is totally broken. haha. somehow it got friend. and when they plugged it in at work - it broke about 10 power strips and a couple of comptuers. doh. so I gotta fix it. I have a feeling that if I replace the power supply it will fix everything. haha. hopefully. I don’t want to blow everything else up. by everything else - I mean the tv. so anyway. I got it. and I carried it home. I rule. it was hilarious to carry it on the train during rush hour. so today I took the imac apart to figure out what the deal was. and I wore it as a hat.yesterday I wore one of my "crazy” shirts from india. it makes me look crazy.last night I went to lava lounge with a bunch of friends. and evertually*as always) made it to crobar. and then smartbar. my cell phone camera does not work well in crobar. however my little midget camera does work better.

i almost forgot.. I finished anna karenina. it ruled. th ending was good. I wasn’t surprised. I am now going to reattempt gravity’s rainbow. wish me luck.