so the past month - I have reengaged my ears in a black metal journey. it is awesome. I <3 black metal. I have been listening to primarily dimmu borgir, cradle of filth and emperor. however - I have delved into a bit of bathory and my old favorite therion. it all rules so so much. my current favorites are dimmu borgir’s new album “death cult armageddon” and cradle of filth’s “from cradle ot enslave.” so so good. I will probably end up worshiping the devil and killing my roommates - only to get sick from drinking their blood. the sickness will cause me to be hospitalized and then the “authorities” will find the remains of my roomates and I will get into trouble. but - that is the risk I am willing to take - cuz this music RULES. haha. umm.. yea..

so I found a REALLY REALLY good document about taking apart and iMac. now I just have to find the power supply part. hehe. check out this site for a similar doc.

yesterday beck’s friend tamour hooked up with us and we juggled. it was pretty fun. then we hung out. matiss and I played quake - while listening to black metal of course - and then tamour called and we got dinner. I then went to my pseudo date and then met tamour at smartbar - where we didn’t get in. so I went home. and went to bed. it ruled. I need to sleep a bit more.

skinny puppy is soon. I am excited.

if you press ctrl-h in aim it will put a hr tag. basically. hehe. weird.