so this day has been weird already and it is barely 9:30. first last night I got home from juggling club and was notified that my paypal account was terminated due to 3gscreensaver having porn on it. I actually don’t know if that was the reason they just sent me a terse email with this link. so I am assuming - unless they think save chris or we own the sun is “mature” - it has to be 3gscreensaver. what is screwed up is that it is a user contributed system, so I didn’t put the porn there. so I was tricked. but also it is messed up cuz the site was almost 2 years old. haha. so they have ignored it for two years. awesome. so now I am pretty much SOL for a lot of my commerce stuff. it sucks quite a bit. I guess I have to open a new paypal account and hope they don’t cancel it. but my other paypal account had a rating of almost 600 - and had been open since the days of sad. anyway. I hate them. I may have lost the $150 that was in the account as well. it is sad. I will porbably try calling but I doesn’t seem like it is any use.

on a much happier note I played a MEAN game of tetris today on the train. I started at level 9 and made it to level 15. I beat my personal high score of 100,000. rule. especially since it was in the 25 minute train ride I have. I didn’t screw up once. I gotta play more. more more more.

i solved all my programming problems today in the shower. it ruled. hopefully it will work. nobody knows ;)

tonight is skinny puppy. I am pretty excited.

so I was chilling - reading my blog reader and I see the headline “Harper’s so funny” over at edith’s page. hehe. I was like. woah. I win. haha. she was linking to dylans hoody page. which I would like to point out is incomplete - cuz my punk little brother isn’t cooperating and taking the much lauded action shots. someday. SOMEDAY. I tell you.

ok I am going to listen to death metal and do work.