i woke up this morning with both a strange sickness in my throat and an feeling that I had lost all ability to type. it was weird.

this weekend was pretty good. I basically just hung out with some friends, saw some good shows and all that nonsense. It all started on thrusday. oh yea. crobar. we all hung out. hiromi was drinking a little more than she usually does so that was hilarious. tahmour was there and she did a lot of contact juggling. she is very good. then we went home. went to bed. woke up went to work. I came home and tahmour made me a really nice dinner. I convinced her to add the “soy riblets” to the mix - which I don’t think she really liked. but it ruled anyway. after dinner tahmour and I went to the shins concert at HOB. the shins were really quite amazing in concert. besides not moving much they really represented their music very well. the vocalist was incredible - and they were all pretty funny. I hadn’t noticed by listening to the music how fast the drums are. it is all double time or something. that guy can move.
after the shins we went tand hugn out with jordan a small amount at bin 36. and then we went to the double door for the assassins. the assassins were good. it was nice to see them play after so long. they really know whats up and got their stuff together. I don’t relaly like how calm they are however. I think it woudl be pretty dope if they hardedged all their songs. not like metal. just a bit harder. more crunchier. mary dee was there - so it was nice to see her. as well as cynthia. ;) after the assassins show we all headed to a party at some label. it was pretty fun. I was tired. tahmour was disinterested. so we left. heh.

on saturday - we hung out and just played around. I really have no real recollection of what I did. I imagine I hung out with friends. like matiss and such. wait wait. oh I did. I hung out with tahmour and we just played around a bit. then matiss came home and we juggled. we then went and got some food at lula and then I ran off to have dinner with cliff and his friend for his engagment party. it was hilarious. his friends are all very funny. after that - I came home and watched Hiroyuki Morita’s the cat returns. it was very good. I love how cute and fun that guy makes ALL animals. heh. the fat cat ruled. and then tai came over cuz she was sad and drunk. so after debugging that - I went to bed. crazy girls. hahah. yea yea yea.

then on sunday - I got up early (~11) and went to meet tahmour at her friend nates house. we juggled a bit and just hung out - eventually making it to the oak street beach. the oak street beach is a weird little cement platform where rollerbladers and jugglers meet on sundays. so we juggled there until around 3 - when I went to wicker park for my friend gregs bday celebration. that was when the trouble started. it was a nice day. all my friends were around and there was a seemingly endless supply of drinks ;) it was a lot of fun. I need to wear sunglasses more often. heh. so yea. after embibing a bit more than usual on a sunday - we went to see dodgeball. it was “ok” - a lot of relaly good cameos. and a lot of relaly funny oneliners.

ok I am late for a meeting.

ok back. no idea whats going on. the whole meeting I just thought about what I was going to talk about. and now I am lost. confused. etc. I need to buy my tickets for all sorts of things. I hate money and the lack of it.