i hate being sick. it totally blows. I love black metal. I really don’t know how they are related. but I have listened to black metal for the last couple months. and it rules. today was all emporer. i got bored of choosign music for my ipod - so I let itunes do it this time. it did a pretty good job. I am proud. anyway. last night I played yoyo and cleaned my room. it was cool. I got these new bearings for my yoyojam hitmen (:P) and they are "konkave" so the string rests on the center and then the yoyo acts very smooth. rico suave. it rules. tricks for years.

check this out. haha. nata2.info rules. it has an alexa traffic rank of 96,525 and is constantly being blocked by web proxies. haha. my friends told him this: