this weekend was awesome. on thursday I hung out with a dope friend - we got dinner and drinks - it was pretty nice. I went home for a quick stop to say hi to my friends who were staying and then went to crobar - where a bunch of friends were. we somehow made it to vips. hahah. whatever. ;) then I went to bed. I find it pretty weird that I consider thursday the beginning of the weekend. heh. maybe that would explain my oft problematic friday morning. haha. anyway.. after thrusday… I woke up sick. sad. I got a bit better throughout work and came home so we could leave for sheboygan. wtf.

so we left for sheboygan around 6 - and arrived around 9ish. it was pretty fun. we saw jake and his friends and chilled out. jake was a dork as usual. haha. then the next day there was a big breakfast at a park. it was a great time. we played a bunch of frisbee and bacci ball. bacci ball is pretty cool. I had never played and was very happy with the outcome. we lost the initial round of the tournament - but were able to weasel our way into officiating somehow and inaadvertently met everyone. it was a pretty nice time. then matt and I went back to our hotel and I took a nap. we went to a really bad resturant and I had some meat loaf(haha) and then we headed off to the wedding.

the wedding was at a very pretty camp groundish area somewhere near sheboygan. it was hard as hell to find and was next to a river. the ceremony was quite nice. very calm and very quick. it was quick enough that their were no chairs for people to sit at - everyone stood. I wish all weddings were like this (DYLAN!!). weddings are weird thuogh. so after this. we all sat down for the reception and had a big dinner. talked a bunch and then started dancing.

we met soo many really nice people. and told sooo many really fun stories. it was quite nice. we danced a bunch too. I have never danced with so many graduate students - nor so many nurses. hopefully I will meet them all again. they were quite nice, smart and cute ;) <3.

then I got into a discussion about bush with the bartender - and everyone left. so I did too. heh. matt and I drove back on sunday. I got home - attempted to fix my imac - to no avail. it is broke. maybe witha little work. haha. nah. I will try to sell it. for 5000. hah. umm. nope. nm. anyway. then we went and got some food. which was apparently not enough to tide me over. cuz I am hungry right now. but it was good at the time. I had an awesome asparagus soup. soooo soo good. then matiss and I rode our bikes to go see michael moores new movie.

Fahrenheit 9/11’ was pretty good. I think it would have been a lot better and more shocking if I hadn’t been immersing myself in all this nonsense for the past three years. it was infuriating - and I was moved. a lot of it was plain sad and very hard to watch. I did cover my eyes a couple times. I don’t like to see some of that stuff. it is apparent that bush is an idiot - even though I don’t really think that him sitting in a school room waiting is indeicative of that. I think a lot more of his actiosn and reactions were more insane than the morning of sept. 11th. but whatever. I thought the movie was quite quite good - and hoepfully good enough to make it to middle america. were these messages are needed the most. go see it. here is where I saw it.

ok I need to sleep. or eat. riding bikes is awesome.