So i have been really busy with a bunch of random and unrelated things. Basically i haven’t engaged in anything mobile technology at all - which is annoying. i need to play more. matiss just got a phone with a camera. so i imagine i will be creating a simple way to do a photoblog for him. i hope anyway it will go well. i really need to acquire or figure out how to quickly get a sms gateway. i need it. haha.

i guess i have been up to the following:

  • my friend andy and i were talking about the fancy newish iTunes COM for Windows SDK that allows developer to write apps that hook into itunes and do fancy things. andy and i had toyed with posting our recently updated songs to the internet and we decided that it woudl be fun to write a c# application that did it very smoothly. so we did. it rules. from the description:
    iTunesBlogger is a utility to track what is being played in iTunes and post information about each track (e.g. track name, artist, etc.) to a web script, or to the clipboard via a hotkey.
    Awesome. i was also able to get a really good handle on c#. i plan to use it for a bunch of fun utilities. including writing an api that will interface with my ambient orb. then i will be able to do cooler stuff with it.
  • awhile ago a friend of mine was telling me lots of relaly bad jokes. so we started looking for a joke site that was easy and good. we found a bunch of sites that had bad jokes and a couple sites that had fortune style joke databases. but no site was very good in regards to organization or display. so i grabbed a free joke database and BAM went to town. it is a very simple site and uses some relaly simple/fun dhtml.
  • gmail: although i didn't write this ;) i have been playing with it quite a bit. i have ran my own mail service for the last 7 years and haven't needed email for that long. so attempting to use another service is insane. i don't quite know what i think of it. i don't know if i can treat email the same again either. it is a lot like instant messaging. it is pretty wierd. i like it.
i guess i should update my webpages. i really need to fix a bunch of stuff. and just make shit tighter. then i can get back on the mobile bandwagan. i am goign to try and get a black berry through work. we will see. ;)