last night I got home from work. went to the mega mall and got my yoyo case. it rules. so insane. haha. I will take a picture.

matiss got a cell phone. haha. ;)

i rode my bike a bunch yesterday. apparently around 15 miles. I haven’t rode a bike in years. it was interesting to find myself getting back in to the hang of it. I can now ride for a long time with no hands. it is pretty exciting to be back. I rode to my friends house and we had dinner. it was nuts cuz it was rush hour and everyone wanted to kill me. but I was careful and kept my life. then I rode to crobar. haha. and hung out with claudia and RH matt. we made a dry ice bomb and played around. it ruled. then I rode to juggling club and yoyoed and juggled. we had a bunch of cool people there last night: fergie, Chris LaReau and vivica ( a NYC juggler). a nice time. we all got together afterwards and ate at the golden nugget. hah. rule. I am pretty excited for the IJA. it will be fun. dylan is flying out and we are staying in a hotel room with crash, matt henry, matiss and mark hayward. we are going to roxor. it will be a mess. hopefully we will all return with black eyes from bar fights and strip clubs.

i am sad right now about my lack of words. I only know about ten apparently. I need to do some vocab exercises. it isn;t like I don’t know the words. I am just unable to use them in this venue - or in any venue where I am attempting to vocalize my thoughts. sad :(

i am really behind at work. it sucks. I wrote this whole program - had it work and was done - and then.. WHAM.. a pretty significant bug appears and destroys all hope. it is rather annoying. I think I have to rearchitect the internals.

i have fear. heh.

oh yea. I am going to be in nyc this weekend. if anyone wants to “hang out” let me know.