so I took a break today at work and looked at red/blue 3d pictures with these super fancy three d glasses that a coworker has. it rules. it rules so much I have a bitching headache right now.

work is very serious currently. it kinda sucks. I have a so much stuff to do and so little time. and it is all stuff that is fun - but not when the pressure is so high. all I really want to do is play computer right now. I have like 15 sites I want to make - but I am spending a lot of time after work - on work - which totally kills my buzz. haha. so I just endure and hope to be finished. what is crazy is that while I have these software projects going on - I also have been staying up helping with load testing a bit (more moral support than technical) and so I goto bed around 5 and wake up around 10 - coem to work around 11ish and then leave work aroudn 6 or 7 or 8. sad day. lots of work. but that is how it works sometimes. it is funny how much my life is different from my friends - who aren’t real.

not real friends are the best.

next week is IJA. w00t. that should be fun. I think I am gunna buy dylan and I matching spandex outfits. it will rule. for sure. hopefully my new yoyo bag will get me mad props. hah. and my giant yoyo.

my joke site is awesome. I love going to it and reading all the jokes people have submitted. heh. it is actually pretty dumb. but quite quite awesome. as the domain says.

so I got back from new york on monday night and went to dinner with my friend tim and jordan. then we headed over to zentra and hung out. it was nice. new york ended well. we threw a huge party and had a bunch of fun. check out the pictures here.

this was very strange. whereas this was awesome. it was really nice to see jimmy and gretchen.
a lot of people came for amjads party.

i met a bunch of cool people - including this insane kid who I got a long with very well and this guy who is apparently in csi.
the whole thing was pretty crazy. I had a bundle of fun.

soon I will have a better vocabulary. but not today. and not tomorrow.

i need to program and finish this crap so I can go home.

i have had Tragedy (For You) in my head for a week. oh and burn in hell.

i shoudl be out riding my bike.