this is pretty funny.

sometimes I wish I had a secret place to store things. like a mary poppins bag of sorts that I could carry around and remove HUGE objects from. it would rule. but that technology is full of ninjas right now.

tonight I watched anchorman. it was very funny. I LOVED brick. that actor cracks me up. he sure loves bears. my vocab sucks. I also went to big wig to see some friends. I met hiromi there it was nice to hang out. aftewards we ate leftovers and watched a bit of totoro. so so cute. and funny. but it might end up being sad.

i am listening to the newest lali puna currently. it is sad. hah. that and leonard cohen. but apparently what I need to listen to is bell biz devoe? I don’t believe it for a second.

here are a lot more pictures from amjadfest 2004. it was quite pretty fun. here is a good pic of amjad, jordan and myself. I want to move to new york. but I don’t know if I want to enough to actually do it. my life in chicago works well. so I don’t want to break it. yea know. I know. yea know. although I have fun in new york - I wonder how much is related to the fact that I am visiting and not living there. probably a lot of it. stupid visiting.

this weekend was pretty fun. I basically chilled out. I ended up going to redno on friday. which was a surprise for everyone involved. oppenheimer yelled at me for coming. it was hilarious. I ended up staying out too late and then getting up pretty early. which in the long run was nice. I hung out with mark - we drove all over. then we picked up matiss and hiliary and chilled at art and then spiderman 2. I love sam raimi. also on friday I watched Ju-on: The Grudge. it rules and is getting remade and released in the U.S. under production from sam raimi and directed by the same dude as the original (Takashi Shimizu). one of the weird things about the movie was how relentlessly spooky it was. it didn’t really let up. from the beginning to the end it just sent scary pictures to your brain. kind of annoying really. but really scary.

we watched this movie with matiss’s “friend” (hahahaha) erica. and it was interesting - cuz matiss and I both have a really good ability to suspend our disbelief - which totally helps us watch and be entertained by scary movies. it rules.

so anyway. on saturday we hung out and saw spiderman. then hilary, matiss and myself hung out and ate food and drank margaritas. it was fun. I acutally got a call from an old friend which was quite a surprise - so I hung out with zarth. hehe. a bit. it was nice to see him. he looks liek I would have expected. aged appropriatly and such. like I hope I have.

i hate my hair today

then we came home. and I slept. then I woke up this morning and we hung out/played video games until 7. then I saw anchorman. but we already covered that.

a friend of mine just told me that fahrenheit 911 affected him. it made him think. I am pretty happy about it. although he is sad that he didn’t think earlier. but that is how it goes. you can’t win them all. heheh. I often don’t think. in fact just this afternoon I abandon all responsibilities and goofed off. which is what I needed to do. but I think it is important to note that the potential for thinking is almost as great as thinking itself - cuz I am not worried about my friends. I really feel that they will do and act correctly. but I do think that the more you think about this stuff (this stuff being war and violence and stupid leaders) that you engage more people in discussion. the more you engage people – the more you will get people to think. the more people think.. well nobody knows what happens once people start thinking. one of the things my friend mentioned was the fact that I commented that I had read/heard a bunch of the stuff michael moore said before. I have kept track of almost ALL of the link I have found that caught my eye on my site if you want to see what has been happening in my mind as well as what has been happening with some small assortment of war links - check it out. it is only a link log. but their are an assload of links(around 2500) collected since 911 (which is when I started keeping track). ok ok.

i need to read more books. and I need to watch the virgin suicides or thin red lie or jesus’ son. I have proclaimed those movies to be beautiful. so shut the hell up.

ok yall. you need to help my friend robyn. she is running a marathon(which is apparently a bunch of miles hah I am retarded) and she is a normal person like us - so it is crazy that she is running it. but she is. and she has ran more than I have ever ran just in training. it is quite incredible. but she asked me to post a little thing about her on my blog. so go and support her. check her out here. if you don’t I will be soooo mad. seriously. it is important.

i should goto sleep.
ok. done. but first good music.
now sleep.