so we have been workign to launch this search engine for a couple weeks now - and I think we got it. congrats everyone involved. hehe. i have been playing a lot. tonight I made a juke box for some friends, I hooked up my new website, and I slept from 6-10. it ruled. oh and I worked. hehe. a lot going on. check out my bruised elbow. it is madness. hands down one of the biggest bruises I have ever had. I also hurt my thumb - which is a bit more concerning. cuz I want it to be happier. but noooo. has to be sad. I hope they all heal appropriately. tomorrow is a big night. I am going to prince, then going to crobar and hanging out with chris. then on friday - felix is spinning so we are all hanging out again. it is gunna be rather fun. the other day I saw these kids playing craps on the train. I wanted to play - but I had no dollars. and I didn’t know how. the spaceship that landed in millenium park is pretty crazy. as is the giant face that blinks.anyway. check out my new site: - a community site targeted toward itunes developers and hackers. it is pretty fancy. I think we will be launching our new application pretty soon. I am excited for it. I want to see peoples reactions. it will be nice I think. ;) whee. hopefully I won’t get into trouble though. heh.