i am getting my hair done today. I am pretty excited. I am looking forward to a big change. we shall see.

i posted a new versio of the itunesWWW server. check it out here. it is still super super super super alpha. so if it breaks everything - sucka you lose. ;)

last night was pretty nuts. I went home, changed into tight clothes. went to crobar - got into a limo bus thing. a party bus. or van. or whatever. we had a bunch of veuve. I hate veuve - I guess hate is a strong word. I am tired of it. haha. weird. and then we went to prince where we had three boxes and lots of food and drinks. it ruled. we saw prince. prince was incredible. so so good. then went back to crobar to disseminate information about our cult. we ruled. hah. the cult of rock.

today felix is playing. so it shoudl be dope. we shall see. I hope food is involved.