this is dumb. heh. BREAKING THE LAW!!

this weekend was pretty fun. I got my hair severly cut on friday. no more mullet, rattail or peyos. sad day. but is is a nice change. I am happy about it. I also got some color as well so it is all good. I really like it. it did take some getting used to - as I had that haircut for almost 2 years and I had the peyos for like 6 years. so yea. I stretched my head and I am so mad.

then on friday after hanging with severn I met chris and the virgin tears, felix and his friends and family, and claudia for sushi at sushi wabi. it was really fun. we had a lot of really good good sushi. I ate so much. and mid way through the meal we realized that ewan mcgregor and his friends were sitting next to us. they are on a world motorcycle tour filming a TV program called “long way around.” apparently ewan and his friend charley boorman are driving 20,000 miles on motorcycles. it seems pretty cool. they have a fancy website. but anyway. they are on the final leg of their trip and stopped in chicago for the weekend. we invited them to come to crobar to see felix and charley and the producer david alexanian ended up coming. it was a pretty fun night. chris gave charley a HUGE bottle of champaign and we all just chilled. that was until anna got beat up by crazy girls. it was nuts. I think charley and david were attacked as well. it was really madness. totally insane. well hanging out was good. the beating up was insane. so anyway. charley and david invited me to come to the wrap up party in nyc on thursday. I doubt I can make it. but yea never know. I am supposed to be in colorado then . but maybe I can goto the party and then fly out the next morning. that would be REALLY funny. haha. but yea. I got some good and lame pictures from friday I will post soon.

so I slept. and woke up and then I went out with elaine. we went to prince for awhile and then went and saw cex. cex was terrible. I was hoping for his more hip hop stuff - and he was only giving minimal experimental electric stuff. all nonsense. but I got to see make believe and that was nice. <3 them. after that we went to a party at the marvelkind house - it was a nice time. then sleep. then woke up. yesterday I went to a really fun play at the chicago actors studio with hilary and one of her friends from home. I go to so few plays - it was nice. I saw midsummer nights dream. I was entertained. in retrospect I don’t really know if it was entirely quality - but it was very entertaining. I laughed. which is fun to do. laughing that is. ;) umm yea. and then I went to dayra a bit. it was fun - we then left and reassembled at lalos for soem food. all my friends left and I went to soundbar and then big wig. then to sleep.

now I am going to do work.