this weekend I went to colorado to see my friend sarah get married. it was pretty fun. I really enjoy weddings even though they are so weird. sara h and matt were really cute. it was nice that they got married.

it was a great time. I enjoyed seeing my family and the mountains. jon and I got to hang out with some really funny little kids and got to meet others. little kids are funny. sarah looked amazing - her sister designed the dress - it was pretty cool. sarah’s dad requested I title this picture: “birds of a feather.” heh. sarah’s mother said to some friends about me: “i know he doesn’t look it - but he has a nice job in chicago.” - we all laughed. I love the kadings.

before the wedding we went on the alpine slide. it was fun. jon hurt himself. ;) jon also crashed the mini

it was really hot in colorado. such a different heat than chicago. it was so nice to visit though. I was able to take a couple pictures of some of my very first art pieces ;). my parents gave me a DVD player which I took apart in order to do a no region dvd hack. it wasn’t successful. but hopefully I will find out info and fully unlock it. I currently have to sporadically choosing which dvds are not in this region. it is pretty funny.

so colorado was fun. but the flight back sucked sooo much. first off it was late leaving the boarding cuz the crew was late. then we were delayed 30 minutes cuz of weather. once we got on the flight - three kids in the row behind me started screaming and yelling. and ended up crying most of the flight. it was horrible. we also experienced some of the worst turbulence I have ever been in. it was annoying. then we landed and I had missed my connecting flight. and they were saying it was all weather related. totally a bunch of crap. so they just rebooked my flight and didn’t give me a hotel or anything. so so so annoying. I was pretty mad. so I played internet. but I wasn’t able to blog my adventures cuz my site is blocked by their content filter. OHHH. so annoying. then I played 1944 in the arcade until around 12. at which time I got food. and then watched CNN until 1. then I slept very uncomfortably until 5. then I just hung out. so sad. then I finally got on the flight. when I landed in chicago. I coudl barely function. totally totally broken. I couldn’t really see straight. so I took a sick day and slept until 3ish. stupid sleep. or lack there of.

then I played video games in our new awesome air conditioned haven. totally rad.

i need food so bad it hurts inside.