last night was entertaining. I was planning on working at 12 - but then I call my coworker and she was like “oh no - you don’t have to work” - so I went out. then when I got home. india called and was like - “everything isn’t working how it is supposed to work” so I had to do a bunch of stuff until around 3:30. heh. then I slept until 10. it was nice. but doing this kills my sleep abilities. so last night - I went to dinner with hiromi at sushi wabi. it was awesome. hiromi is now friends with everyone - so I get to be friends too. and we had super fancy fancy sushi. special rolls. heh. it ruled. but before I went to dinner I attempted to make my computer work better with doom3. and now when I turn it on it beeps. I obviously broke it when I turned on the fast agp writes. hah. maybe something doesn’t support it. hah. but I am going to take it apart tonight and short the bios. stupid bios. always causing problems. so as cool as doom3 is - it constantly crashes. it is really annoying. matiss got it to work on his computer - which makes me sad. i am going run around now (this is not what I was going to type but I forgot) oh yea. I am going to redo