Today is weird. I worked from 9 to 5 twice in 24 hours. That is a lot of work. I am totally of the school of thought that you should always pace yourself. 16 hours with a 3 hour break isn’t really pacing myself. But whatever - it is the same sxhedule I sometimes have with going out and work - and I don’t complain then. Heh.

Today I got a letter from my friend ella from taiwan. It was exciting. I took some pictures of what she sent me. I will possibly explain later.

The more stressful work is for me the less I blog. Stupid work.

Today I installed sp2 - bluescreened 5 times - uninstalled it - bluescreened 5 more times for no reason. Hate.

Wtf did microsoft do to make itself incompatible with its own transparency api deal. Hahah. Ny vocab is awesome.

I am writing this entry on the train. My thumbs hurt. I wish I could just think entries. But if I could - yall wouldn’t read this - cuz it would be LONG and weird. I would talk about my demon bunny dreams and my conversations about robot ranches - which would naturally lead to the discussion about the asimov short story where cars killed humans.

I rode my bike a bunch on sunday. I rode to cole and melissa’s house for a bbq. Theb to the metro for fear factory. Then home. All in all about 1 billion miles. I was tired.

I sa garden state on sunday night. I don’t know about it. It totally reminded me how I don’t have a gf. It was awesome. I was like “sweet I am lonely and hollywood knows it.” Stupid stupid hollywood. Btw I am totally not lonely. I am such a MAN.

Almost home.

Almost in bed.

Today Is gunna be so weird.

I think my life is either about to come together or explode.

I hope either one is a big mess.

btw. it is a beautiful day out.