so my friend from work, lakshmi, is leaving on monday to go back to india. it is kinda sad. she is one of my favorite coworkers. I really didn’t realize it was truely happening until I read her entry about work and the disengagement from sait work. apparently I swear. but it is kinda weird to think about. because it is so different from another coworker leaving or a friend moving - because she is going to india. to visit is a lot more of an effort (and a lot cooler). I guess I have to witness(as I have before) the miracle of the internet. haha.

in the past yea lakshmi has sat behind me and put up with my craziness - my torrets, my crabbiness on days I don’t get sleep and my general awesomeness (haha). she has given me good advice (that I rarely follow - cuz I am dumb) and suggested things to me that only good friends say. she has really been a great friend. it is always sad to have them leave. friends that is. always leaving. but I am not scared of losing touch. I am sad about not being able to stand up and turn around and swear a bunch and have her look at me like I am crazy and both of us laugh. or have her tell me I need to meet girls - and to stop making websites (maybe they are connected). and all that. but I imagine our relationship will evolve into something different. I will probably read her blog a bit more (unless she keeps changing the location - seriously wtf) and I imagien I will be talking on AIM a bit more. so those things won’t change. but still. proximity is good. I guess I will have to go back to india.

goodbyes are dumb.