today was pretty fun. I worked. wore a tie. etc etc. it was nifty. and now I am really pretty tired. I need to get off of this crazy crazy schedule. I really dispise and hate it.

i picked up an airport express. it is relly pretty cool. I like what I am abl eto do with it. especially the streaming of music. that is really really cool. I can’t really think of anything cooler. I have it hooked up to my stereo right now. I am about to play some songs for the night and then goto sleep.

but I only wish for that to happen.

i have a secret. secret secret secret. it isn’t a good one. it is kinda hard to deal with. ok ok. I have four arms. no wait. my secret is out. umm. anyway. I need to figure everything out. it feels like it is right. or wrong. but I don’t know. I am so confused. haha.