so this weekend was pretty ridiculous. it was generally out of control. basically I just hung out and did the things that make my life incredible. haha. it all started on Wednesday (of course).

so for the past couple weeks I have been working nights a lot. so I have also had a LOT of screwed up sleep - i.e. none. especially at night. soo… on Wednesday I was struggling with attempting to not stay up all night - so I hung out at home and though about sleeping. at around 12 I went over to this bar called elm street liquors and hung out with some friends who spin there. it was pretty dope - it isn’t the coolest bar, but it is not so bad. we then went to vips and hung out at the strip club. haha. I have gone to a strip club more in the last month than I have ever wanted to. like 4 times. hah. and I keep going. it is weird. just a place to go I guess. so we closed vips. I got tacos and then played computer. I was kinda late for work that day (weird I know).

then on thrusday, my friend greg and I just hung out at crobar, the W and neo. it was real laid back - but once again - out until 5.

and then friday - I hung out with my friend crystal. it was pretty fun. we just chilled around the city. got Italian ice in Lincoln park - watched hero. it was pretty good in the theatre. after that crystal went home and derek came.

this is were the weekend gets pretty retarded

so derek and got together and then met my friends at crobar. crobar was pretty nuts and we got a lot of drink and I swear we barely made it home. heh.

then on saturday we met at crobar for the metallica show. we took an escalade limo (wtf). it was pretty awesome. there was food and drinks. and it was a pretty good show. one of the people who came with us brought her parents. her mom, mary, was really awesome. we gave her a lesson in rock. she was hardcore. ;) as were we. after that we went to transit - were I danced a lot. and then went to crobar and hung out. a lot of fun.