so today - I am chilling - taking a shower and my wall attacked me. I was just brushing my teeth in the shower and I turned around and the wall that was facing my back lost all the tiles. It was nuts. I about died. I couldn’t possibly imagine what had happened. honestly scared the hell out of me. I really love being scared.

i leave for greality today. my brother is getting married on saturday. I am pretty excited. I hope to renew my license. then unrenew it. then get n illinois license. I suppose it is a good plan after a couple years. but whatever.

last night I went with hirom and valentina to an excellent korean bbq place. it was so good. <3. after dinner we went to this nice lounge called orange. we had some fresh pinapple soju. it was so good. then we stopped by juggling club. then I packed. and set up my laptop for doing development on the plane. haha. I love that when I travel I am like.. “hmm what shoudl I do - watch a dvd or write software?” - I am totally not a nerd.

i kind of want to sleep.

w00t my friend chad won “city’s best bartender.” and nobody haxored it. I swear. I mean really. hah. it is pretty cool.