So this weekend was pretty cool. I am reading another good japanese book. I have no idea why I am reading all the japanese dark ficiton I can get my hands on. I am currently reading Goodbye Tsugumi. it is pretty bleak. I like it. next I got like 3 murakami books waiting. hah. I am a dork. I like shotgun reading. it totally suits me.

after I read a bit and wrapped up my unpacking - I watched mystic river - which I stole from my parents (i promise I will send them back soon :P). It was pretty good.

at some ppoint in the last couple days I redid the HTML on it is a bit better now. no more tables. although tables are not bad. I really enjoy divs much more.

so this weekend. it all started on wednesday. heh. I flew to denver and went to greeley. where I hung out with my family and married my brother.
saw him married I guess..
anyway. so wednesday night jon and I went to the dugout and drank beers. it was fun. but we had drank too much to drive home and I didn’t have a license. so we walked home. it was pretty funny. we were picked up by this nice guy who dropped us off near my house. the next day we all got up early. I went and renewed my license. and ran some errands/got reservations for my bros little bachelor get together.

dylan really wanted to go to dave and busters - so we all piled into this bus and drove to dave and busters in westminister. We drank a bunch of champagne and quite a few mixed drinks and beers. we had purchased a bunch of liquor in an attempt to get dylan to drink a lot. haha. we got some deserno for deserno and coke. and then some redbull and ketel one. yea know.. the usual. there was a really funny cider we got as well. so then we arrived - had a big dinner. dylan and jon did this disgusting shot with 151, jager, midori and some others. it was nasty. but it looked cool. we were all tired - so we went home after that.

on friday. we hung out and ran errands again. then there was the rehersal. and a bunch of face making. it was pretty awesome. then we had a big dinner for everyone and just generally hung out. after the dinner we went to walmart to buy supplies for the wedding and found the magical and exciting silly string. it ruled. we then attacked my dad. it was very funny.

then saturday happened. I got up early and hung out with kyle a lot. he apparently is pretty fun. haha. we had swords. heh. nobody expected that ;). the bridesmaids were pretty cool. our friend wes was insane. then dylan got married. weird. haha. it was really neat. they had cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. it was a pretty creative wedding. they hung up nice pictures of themselves all aroudn the park. I really like this picture.

during the reception - my grandpa attacked jon with silly string - then he moved on to me. after the recpetion - we decorated dylan and sarahs car. it was a fun time. here is hiromi and myself. jon looking suave. here is the bride. here is dylan acting like a velociraptor. it ruled.

dylan and sarah on their way.

after the wedding we got a little crazy in the garage. we made beer drinking implements and drew pictures on the ground. I laughed a lot. megan and hiromi were there and had fun too I imagine. we traveled and woke up a younger schooley with a bottle of champagne. it was interesting and rather funny. we then hitchhiked home with a delivery guy.

then I flew home.

now I am tired.