i really want to go dancing - big band style. all of a sudden. or just watch triplets of belleville. something. just not be up or at work. I am tired of wearing “business casual” clothing. I really want to just wear jeans. or whatever. just something that isn’t “business casual.” I suppose I will get over it. ;) I go through these feelings once every couple months and I usually get over it. I do like dressing up. I just hate being constrained with what I wear. I guess if I had client interaction(or clients) I would be more interested in dressing up. but I sit in a cubicle and listen to death metal. so wtf.

this weekend ruled. on friday I didn’t do anything. watched a crazy hong kong movie called we are going to eat you and then played some of my new favorite video game. I am goign to beat/solve it in the next week. I decided. I am pretty far. I haven’t played a video game this much since kings quest 6. or the orginal gta. or doom. or quake 1,3,2. or doom 3. wait a sec. heh. I gotta go.

so I got up midday saturday. and hung out. then went to my friend genies bday party. it was pretty fun. I hung out with my friend courtney and brock. it was at my friend john’s place. he has an amazing patio system. it ruled. then I slept.

then I woke up. and went to claudia’s house where a “lobster bbq” was in progress. it ruled. we had 22lbs of lobster to decimate. marco cooked. ivan made mad strong drinks. and i ate. it was a pretty fun day.

after awhile we ended up shotgunning ice house. heh. umm yea. we are still in college. and then I met up with elaine and went to darkroom. where I consumed water. and then I rode my bike home and slept until monring. like a good boy. S M R T.