seriously. I was just sitting here at home waiting for things to happen. and BAM something happened. I got an email from [email protected]. heh. rule. here it is:

Hey Faggot,
At least I'll wake up who I am tomorrow..... But Nata's RETARD, well he will still be RETARDED in the am. You faggot will still wake up a faggot in the morning.
I am apparently am going to wake up someone who I am not tomorrow - if I compare myself to that guy. hmm. weird. anyway. as john says:
John E Toughguy: Life is good when your only enemies have trouble putting actual sentences together. It makes things easier.

yes I did break but hopefully things will come back together very very soon. I am migrating all my sites from the old server to the new server. it is hard. I was using apache 2.0 but then I read about the problems with threadsafe applications using not threadsafe plugins and extensions. so apache and php(both threadsafe) may work fine - but gd or freetype may destroy life. so I downgraded apaches and upgraded phps. not hp 5 yet. but at least the newest version. so anyway. check out in a bit and hopefully it will work. I lov emy DESTROYER way of upgrading. it rules. RULES.

i am sickly.

i need to restructure everything and it will be the same.