i totally didn’t know that my blog was public. haha. jk. so I was talking to my friend and she relayed information that my blog was the topic of a conversation in a meeting about rss feeds. I was used to demonstrate how “people need to keep in mind that anybody can read what you post.” this was apparently especially true in light of my post about me resigning. well. first off. I am not an idiot. hahaha. I am totally awesome. and I have been blogging for roughly 5 years. I write about everything. and anything that comes to mind. I don’t pay attention to what is “appropriate” for a blog. I don’t allow comments. I do this for myself. similar to my pictures. haha. they are all of myself. cuz myself rules.

btw. in case you were wondering. this post is dumbbut I digress. really I was annoyed that someone woudl read my blog and then think that I didn’t expect them to read my blog. wtf. I post almost everything that happens to me and I post “wild and crazy” party pictures. haha. that is because I am awesome. omg. I am also apparently retarded. it is all thought out. it is mine. I hope you like it.