it has been a weird couple days. It all started last wednesday. tommie called me to alert me of his presence and invite me to scissor sisters. that ruled. we hung out then. and then we went to crobar and I broke myself.

i hadn’t been feeling good. so I stayed in bed friday. then went to my final interview around 5ish on friday. I receieved and accepted my offer and happily went to the paper magazine party at marshall fields. we had a lot to drink and played fashion or whatever you play at events like that and decided that since the night was early - we needed some entertainment that was more resturant like. so of course we went to trader vics. it was insane.

i want to be able to say. “it was retarded” - blackeyed peas style. but I don’t feel that is appropriate. but as anyone who knows me realizes - I am unable to come up with new words on the fly. so I have to think about it. and right now I am thinking about a new word to replace retarded. currently it is insane. but that isn’t really working in the right way.

so anyway. trader vics was retarded. and totally a mess. we drank $200 worth of rum drinks and decided to go to the southside to represent up on some art kids. it didn’t work so we left and went to sound bar to see perry farrell dj. hah. apparently he is a bad dj. I have no idea. I didn’t really hear him.

i met some girl named tracy. hah. we hung out a bit. weird.

i found a disposable camera at sound bar and will be posting pictures from it soon. I am excited to see how they turned out. the night was such a mess that it should be at least a bit entertaining. after soundbar I went to spy bar with tracy.. and then they left and I went back to sound bar. then to jays(?) and then to jordans house. then to home. then to sleep.

i woke up saturday dieing of the poisoning I had ingested the nigth before. I need to not do that. stupid free drinks.

so saturday I met my friend danielle and went to the kill hannah show. it ruled of course. a lot of crazines. then I went home. hah.

sunday I went and saw ghost in the shell 2 with elaine. that is a dope movie. I quite enjoyed it. so good. so fitting with what I am interested in right now.

speaking of the darkness that has consumed me for the past couple weeks. I have ran out of things to read. so I made a run to and purchased some stuff. I picked up:

Restraint of Beasts: The by Mills, Magnus
Underground and Vintage Murakami by MURAKAMI, HARUKI
In a Glass Darkly By: Sheridan Le Fanu
The Woman in the Dunes by ABE, KOBO
Amrita, Asleep, and Kitchen by Yoshimoto, Banana
Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words by Rubin, Jay
A Personal Matter by Kenzaburo O?
I am excited. I apparently forgot to by earthquake - by murakami - which is sad. but whatever. I will get it later. I love him. I am currently struggling through gold rush by Yu Miri. I don’t really like it. and it totally makes me upset. so I don’t think I can read it any longer. I stopped carrying it. it just seems to be filled with horrible gratuitous violence. so annoying. not even a redeeming story. I need more darkness.

i started/made/whatever another site. relaly it is just following through with the plan I made a billion years ago. check out it is my new hong kong/horror/foriegn/action/cultish movie review site. and since I started playign with that I also decided to catalog my movies for reals. I got out my fancy cuecat barcode scanner - got some software that would do all the dirty work for me. and went to town. it took a couple hours. but the results are pretty good. check out my collection here. all 230 movies or whatever. it is amazing to look at them in that perspective. totally crazy. but whatever.

i am tired. weird. I have tried not to go out. and I have been pretty successful. last night I avoided it - but missed a friends bday. sad. I shoudl have gone - but was so tired. and am trying to save money. speaking of saving money I got a new wallet. hahaha.

i found out today that a lot of people from work read my blog. awesome. hi peoples.