so i accidently broke my webserver. haha. well by accidently i mean i am in the process of moving all my important and not so important sites to my new webserver so in the process i broke it. it sucked. but now it is mostly back to normal. everything is pretty much the same except i am unable to officially do my photolog right now. but i still update the master “moblog.” so check it out.

work is weird right now. today i moved all my stuff from my cubical. like four boxes of crap i have collected - mostly nick nacks and such. it was nice to remove it but also sad. transition is totally hard. and i am in the thick of it. all i do is wonder. haha. but whatever. it will be a nice change.

my laptop is totally fuxored up. the wireless doesn’t work with my router. it possibly could be my router. but maybe not. it has been flaky today. lame.

i am kinda tired. today i inadvertently slept all after noon. i missed like two meetings i had with friends. it sucked. but i apparently needed the sleep.

i am still reading my “dark japanese fiction.” today hiromi told me that try as i might i will never become japanese. i laughed. i am applying now to teach english in japan. haha. and i just purchased a bunch of anime. and i totally download asian porn all day. well those things are all not true - except for hiromi telling me that i am not japanese. anyway. yesterday i read kitchen by bana yoshimoto. it was so good. very very sad. but also nice and happy. i hate that my vocabulary causes me to describe books as nice. i wish i could actually use words that are appropriate rather than nice, good and like. someday i will be a real boy. i promise.

ok now i am going to debug fopen and webpages on my new box.

btw this is the new server.

btw btw. it is still broken