last night was pretty fun. I hung out with hannah. we went to the faint. but first I slept until 8. rule. I love naps. I nede to eat better and sleep better. that is the way to the future. anyway. I hung out with hannah and we saw the faint. it was pretty good. tv on the radio ruled me. <3. I was so surprised at how hard they rocked. the guitar was incredible. so drilling. I loved it.

so I started my new job. I haven’t really updated this in awhile. but I did start. it is a lot more fun than my last job. it is weird how the attitudes/mood of the organization affects a person. at the WB I felt totally stifled. like I wasn’t able to be myself(i forced it on them) and I wasn’t able to do everything that I know how to do. I wasn’t allowed to be an expert in my field. here however - they leverage the smarts a person has and they try and use every bit of it. it rules. by the second day I felt a lot better about everything and I really was happy I had made this decision.

i don’t have a lot of work yet. but that will all change as I become more acclimated with the environment. everyone else is working very hard - launching things, meeting deadlines. I am excited to be in code soon. and to understand more the ceiling and floor of the situation. at that point I will know how much I can do/get away with - both in regards to my self and with the company. the weird thing is that when I am herei totally don’t mind staying late. because I don’t hate it fundamentally. I get to wear jeans. I get to come in at 9ish. etc etc. rule. but overall I just feel better. it could be jus the fanciness of the new. but it also could be working among people who want you to be smart. not that my team at wb didn’t want me to be smart - but they limit themselves and the non-technical staff controls and ultimately destroys the projects there. it is sad.

as I have been taking it very chill. just working, then coming home and reading. it rules. that last comma probably doesn’t need to be there. anyway. I have been reading a bunch of banana yoshimoto. she is really good. all o fher books talk a lot about death. I think I read somewhere that her books are “always talking about death but never let the reader forget that life must go on.” or something like that. it seems that is in fact what she does. I finished asleep the other day and it was so full of sorrow. a trio of sad stories - but in every story the reader is led through this emotional world where things aren’t working correctly and where things are depressing - but I found that I never leave the books depressed. they don’t sit heavy. they leave the reader feeling satisfied - as if the protagonist has fulfilled whatever they are missing. they are really beautiful novels. they are also so tiny. I just got done with amrita. it was a mess. my favorite part was after finishing it - there is an apology from yoshimoto apologizing for the mess of a novel it is. she seemed upset that it was long and tenuous. heh. it was. but it was still good. I laughed in the beginning when suddenly they brought up philip k dick’s novel “flow my tears a policeman said.” it made me want to read dick again. you know how I love dick. haha. umm that was for you mike.

the wierdest part of getting a new job is the commute. seriously. it hasn’t changed at all. nothing has changed except the “building” and the elevator bank. it is so strange to see the same people. walk the same streets. but not be involved in the same way. yep.

so I also got this book called “Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words” by jay rubin. rubin is my favorite translator of the murakami stuff. he lays it down so beautifully. it really recreates what I imagine to be incredible script. the reviews seem to suggest that it isn’t really that great of a book. or well at least it isn’t as complete as you might imagine. however. I just want to know more. apparently haruki murakami is now the most widely read japanese author (in the west). haha the west. yea. but I do find it odd that the most widely read japanese author in the west writes very strange dark tales that are both weirdly erotic and dark beneath all perception. the impression that gives to japan. heh. poor japan. always so so dark. they should turn a light on.

i don’t have a lot to say. generally. but apparently not writing for a couple weeks will make me a bit more verbose than usual.

work gave me this new laptop. it rules. well sorta. it is full of “business” features. but the one feature which seriously seriously rules is the built in LED light on the top of the screen. I am so amazed at the throughthought of this laptop. (is throughthought a word. I doubt it. I imagine it is two words. I like it as one word. it reminds me of 1984.) my keyboard rest is going to kill me. I need my docking station, a monitor and a better keyboard. wierd. yea then it will be better.

here are some picture of my “last day” party with my coworkers. it was trouble. serious. serious trouble. but honestly not as much trouble as the last bbq at claudias house. pictures are here. now that was some trouble. I woke up on monday for the first day on my new job with a bunch of bruises, a scrape or two, four temp tattoos on very visible parts of my body and a cigarette burn on my neck. wtf. it was one of those situations where you exclaim happiness that life is as fun as it is. but then you duck and hope to sleep for the rest of winter.

so I have been hanging out on the internet with my friend natasha. she sent me a bunch of stuff from her work. which I promptly wore and created this action shot. those who know me well will realize the pure humor in this. those that don’t know me possibly will not find as much humor in it. I laughed a lot.

a couple weeks ago I had a chance to play with this strange little contraption called the ogo. it rules. I posted a review of it here. check it out.

anyway. I am probably back. I need a nap. so that means I am somewhere. which is half, if not three fourths of the battle.

i love battles.

i almost believe that kerry might have a chance. weird. stupid hope.

my new plan is to eat more at home. I have a crock pot and I just got a rice cooker. I am going to have roast and rice every night for the next 6 months. totally atkins. I will be so fat it will be hard to understand the reality of the situation. rule.

i also broke and fixed the photolog. it is a hack. but will work for now. I am pretty excited. I started goign to juggling again. it rules. I am working on solo clubs. it is really cathartic and I really enjoy it. so relaxing. so last week I was talking to my frien angus who was on the newton team and he said he would lend me his newton for a week or so to play with it. so excited. I love devices. maybe I will write a review of it. haha. compared to the new devices I have used. I am pretty thrilled. stupid apples.

i ate two bananas this morning.