however, I don’t feel very tired. I really don’t understand how it is that I am able to lead this weird dual life. my friend adam equated it to the original mods from the 50s and 60s. he said they used to have normal jobs(working 9-5) and look like business people - then after work they would transform into these fashion seeking scene people. right after my friend adam told me this he started shouting “prolatariet.” but anyway - I sometimes don’t understand how I find my self at work less than 6 hours after I was last “out.” regardless of the activity - I am always “out” before going to work. weird. I am lost in my typing.

so this weekend was pretty fun. it as always started on thursday with tommie spinning at smartbar. danielle and I hung out there. a lot of fun. I wasn’t really into being crazy and danielle wsa tired and claims not to be a dancer(we will soon see the truth) - so it was a pretty chill night out. a lot of fun. I took a neat picture of morgan and miles.

on friday I went home after work and changed into my “young republican” clothing to enable me to participate in my local political gathering. I met scott, jeff and monica at frankie Zs bar on clark for a kerry event to support him during the debates. it was pretty fun. I think we were rowdy. and then with stops to hard rock hotel bar, sugar and a porn store, we finally made it to crobar. heh. were we met hiromi. it was pretty fun. my friend tracy and a bunch of her friends also participated in the insanity. it was a pretty fun night. after crobar - we went to redno, and then my friend james’ space for an after hours and then to scotts house. omg. I got home at around 6:30am. I was not aware that flash taco has a closing time. haha.

so then on saturday I needed to rest. so I did. I went to bed bath and beyond and picked up some stuff with matiss. the sales people reacted pretty funny to us. I mean we don’t look your typical lincoln park hotties. well I don’t matiss on the other hand. seriously looks LP. totally trixie. it ruled. so now I can’t wait for the cold to come. all I want to do is to snuggle into my bed. with soft things and read books that are dark. dark like my heart. after our excursion - I went with hiromi and jordan to a bbq. and then I went to corbar to pick up some money that jordan was owed. we drank lots and forgot the money. stupid bars. then I went to bed. pretty early for a saturday. I missed hanging out with some people which sucked. but I got to sleep.

so on sunday - I played a bunch of video games with matt and matiss. it ruled. then I returned some stuff to BBB. heh. lame. then I went to an awesome bbq at chao’s house. then game night at my place. we played this awesome game called bang. and then a couple games of speed scrabble. at that time I went to claudia’s BBQ at this guy lloyds house. it was fun. really really good pork chops. heh. I love bbqs. after the bbq I went to exit with devon. it was fun to hang out. we then went to her place and had tea and hung out with her dog. I got home at 3. and slept really well.

this week will bring some fun stuff going down. I am finally getting work to do at my job. we are in the middle of launching some stuff so everything si really on hold. I will soon be effective. haha.

my friends are all going to india in january. stupid non-corporate workers. I want to go.